HOW TO: Share CodeReview NameBase and RuleManager databases across a network

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We have several copies of Code Review and want to share the name and rules files.  I'd like to share them on my network drive.


For version 6.5 and later:

The rules database (CRRules.mdb) is an Access database, so it will support shared use by team members. By default Setup installs it to the local CodeReview directory. For shared use, Setup also lets you point to an existing database (version 6.5 or above only).

After installation, you can use ODBC32 from the Windows Control Panel to set up a System DSN that points to the shared rules database.

Data Source Name: CodeReviewRulesDB

Description: CodeReview Rules DB

Database: C:\Program Files\Compuware\CodeReview\CRRules.mdb

System Database: None

Under Option...

Page Timeout: 5

Buffer Size: 512

Do not change anything in Advanced.


For versions prior to version 6.5:

To share the rules and namebase database for a group over a network:

1) copy the following files to a remote location







2) Create an empty txt file named vbcrsrvr.lic in the remote location

3) In the CodeReview main directory, change the vbreview.ini to be

DataBasePath=<a remote location>

Note that the path has to be in 8.3 format

4) Run CodeReview

This makes the namebase and rules shareable over your network, but they are read-only.  Writes must be done on a local drive.

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