Created On:  23 July 2012


With the migration of DevPartner from DLM to CES Safenet Sentinal licensing systems the method of installing licenses will change from file based authorization to authorization based licensing.


1. Open up the Micro Focus Licensing System Administration Tool "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\SafeNet Sentinel\Sentinel RMS License Manager\WINNT\CesAdminTool.exe" or use the GUI. Continue with Step 2 if the license will be installed on this machine. If the license has already been installed on a central license server, skip to Step 5.

2. Click on the Authorize tab. In the "Enter authorization code:" dialog box, clear the "Input your authorization code" string and enter the 16 digit hexadecimal authorization code you received via email.

3. Note if the DevPartner product you purchased is displayed under the Licenses tab.

4. Net stop and restart mfcesd or reboot. Under Windows Services it will be noted as "Micro Focus CES daemon". Use steps 5 and 6 below only if the license resides on a remote server.

5. After launching the License Management System tool as in step 1. Open Options/ Advanced Configuration to display the Advanced Configuration dialog box.

6. Change the value of "License Server" from to the address of your license server. You may try the short name, but if that does not work, try the v4 IP address of that server.

Ensure that port 5093 is opened to permit the license client to communicate with the server.