How to activate the DevPartner Studio tools within Visual Studio .NET



How to activate the DevPartner tools within the .NET IDE.


The methods of activation for the DPS tools in .NET at first are not very clear and can cause confusion.

For Performance Analysis, Coverage Analysis and Error Detection, simply clicking on the DPS tool bar, or Selecting them from the DevParnter menu will not start the actual build and run of your solution. By clicking on the tool icons or selecting the menu options, you are setting up what will happen when you do Run your application. Error detection should be run 'With Debugging', but our analysis tools should be run without debugging. However, cicking on CodeReview icon will start the review process.

There is a good how to get started pdf file installed with DPS called 'Understanding DevPartner Studio - Visual Studio .NET' that will help you get a better understanding of the new IDE and our new interfaces.

It should be listed under Start->Programs->Compuware DevPartner Studio->Documents

Migrating from DPS v6.x to v7.x can be cofusing because some of the product names have been changed.

  • TrueTime is now Performance Analysis
  • TrueCoverage is now Coverage Analysis
  • BoundsChecker is now Error Detection
  • CodeReview remains the same
  • SmartCheck is no longer needed because Error Detection is inclusive of all of the programming languges where SmartCheck was for VB only.
  • FailSafe was discontinued

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