CodeReview, SmartCheck and Failsafe are not integrated into the VB 6.0 IDE.



After installing DevPartner Studio Professional or DevPartner for Visual Basic I can not see CodeReview, Failsafe or SmartCheck in the Visual Basic 6.0 IDE.


This is usually caused by not having the proper service pack applied to Visual Studio. We require a minimun of SP3 but strongly recommend SP5. To verify that you have SP5 applied please check your version of VB6.exe. The correct version number for SP5 should be If your version is not the same please uninstall DevPartner and reapply SP5 as it is likely that it did not completely install.

Once the updates have been made please try reinstalling DevPartner. At this point it may be a good idea to enable Windows installer logging (See instructions below). If the integration is successful you can delete the log file and turn off logging, but if it is not you will be prepared to send the log file to Technical support.

If the above does not resolve the integration issue, you will need to contact Technical support. Please include an MSI install log.

For version 7.X:

To Enable Windows Installer Logging

Open the registry with Regedt32.exe and create the following path and keys:


Reg_SZ: Logging

Value: voicewarmup

The new log's file name is random, but begins with the letters "Msi" and end with a .log extension. To locate the Temp folder location, type the following line at a command prompt:

cd %temp%

For version 8.0:

These tools have been removed from the product.

Old KB# 11236
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