Thread ID Out of Range for Mach 5



When running TrueTime (or TrueCoverage) I receive a message stating that the ThreadID is out of range for the Mach 5 driver


There are several things that can cause this error,

The first is that your application is using more threads than the Mach5 drivers is set up for (the default is 400) to resolve this do the following: Find the following registry key:


And set the following:

REG_DWORD ThreadDatabaseSize = A number greater than 0x400

second solution

After applying the first workaround and you still receive the error

and you are running on a machine with a processor over 800Mhz try the following patch:

For W2K and XP systems

If you still receive the error after trying both solutions please log a new issue with the support team.

Old KB# 12354
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