BoundsChecker and Builder crashing with files located on a network drive.



Builder crashes after running/debugging any application saved on a network drive:

When the application terminates, first a BoundsChecker window appears

with the title 'Program errors detected by BoundsChecker'.

Next a window appears with the title 'bcb.exe - Application Error',

containing the message 'The instruction at '0x02f5dfc4' referenced memory at

'0x0000000001'. The memory could not be 'read'. This message appears 2

times. Next C Builder closes.

How can I use BoundsChecker in this situation?


This is a known problem in v6.01 (and earlier) that is currently being investigated. There's a workaround for the moment that fixes the problem:

1. Under Project | Options, Packages tab, uncheck the 'Build with runtime packages' setting.

2. Build your project. (It should run just fine.)

3. Switch the 'Build with runtime packages' setting back on, and rebuild again. (It should still run just fine.)

Old KB# 12255
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