SoftICE NT 3.2x and ATI XPERT AGP Video Cards.



SoftICE NT 3.2x's Universal Video Driver does not seem to support the  ATI All-In-Wonder PRO, ATI XPERT@Play, ATI XPERT@Work video cards.  Can I use SoftICE with these cards?


Yes, you can use SoftICE with these cards, but you may have to run your OS in Standard VGA resolution.

To use SoftICE in Standard VGA mode you must:

1.  From the OS Display utility, change your display adapter to:

Manufacturer:  Standard Display Types

Display:  VGA Compatible Display Adapter

b. From the SoftICE Display Adapter Setup, set SoftICE to Standard VGA and DO NOT check the Universal Video Driver check box.

c.  Reboot your system.

Also see the knowledge base article titled Video Troubleshooting Tips for SoftICE.

Old KB# 11767
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