Using Microsoft Visual Studio to build VxDs



How can I use MSVC to build VxDs?


The VtoolsD make system is designed to be used with command line tools. However, you may import a VtoolsD driver project in to the Microsoft Visual C using the following steps.

[1] Create your VxD project using QuickVxD, or by using one of the VtoolsD examples as a template. You should have at least one source (.C or .CPP), include (.H) and make (.MAK) file. The following description assumes that you are importing the SIMPLE example.

[2] Rename the make file to MSVC.MAK.  REN SIMPLE.MAK MSVC.MAK

[3] Start the Microsoft Visual Studio.

[4] From the file menu, choose Open Workspace.

[5] In the Open Workspace dialog, enter the new name of your makefile. MDP will respond with a message box indicating that it is an external makefile. Press Yes to continue.

Devil Rename the makefile that MDP will use for the project. By default, the name will be MSVC1.MAK. Save the new makefile with the original name, in this case SIMPLE.MAK.

[7] From the MDP Insert menu, choose "Files into project". Select a source file (.c or .cpp). Repeat this step for each source file, but not for include files.

Music From the MDP Build menu, select Settings. On the General tab, set the correct name of the output VxD.

[9] Now you can build the VxD by pressing the appropriate button on the tool bar, with menu pick Build, or by pressing F7.

[10] You can create a browse database by setting BROWSE=1 in the makefile, and then rebuilding the driver.

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