BoundsChecker configuration for a Microsoft Terminal Server system



When I start MSDEV on a Microsoft Terminal Server system, I see the error message, ""An error occured validating your license.  Please reinstall BoundsChecker."  I have a valid license.  How do I make BoundsChecker work?


The following outlines the steps required to make BoundsChecker work on Microsoft Terminal Server systems:

1) Log into any account with privs (e.g. Administrator)

2) Install BoundsChecker as your normally would

3) Run the script at the end of this note from same account

When you de-install BoundsChecker, the files in the script will not be deleted automatically from your

%windir% directory.  You will need to remove them manually.


@echo off

echo Moving BoundsChecker files...


rem The Microsoft Terminal Server installation moves the files

rem we place into %windir% into a special place.  Unfortunately it

rem doesn't add this directory into the PATH environment variable.

rem Therefore, we need to fix this problem so BoundsChecker will

rem run properly.


copy %windir%\Profiles\%username%\Windows\tl32v20.dll %windir%

copy %windir%\Profiles\%username%\Windows\*.tsf   %windir%

copy %windir%\Profiles\%username%\Windows

MTLock.dll   %windir%

echo BoundsChecker update complete...

@echo on

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