TrueTime doesn't instrument an application with version 6.5



When I Build with TrueTime, my application doesn't get instrumented. There are not any "instrumenting ..." messages in the build output window in Visual Studio and TrueTime says all application time was spent in "system". Why?


There is a minor install bug that improperly installs TrueTime when you install it either by itself or with the full DevPartner Studio install.

The workaround for DevPartner 6.5(or above) is:

  1. Please do a clear uninstall for all of DevPartner
  2. Go into the registery and delete the HK Local Machine\Software\umega key. Reboot then Delete the Compuware directory.
  3. Install only TrueTime and TrueCoverage.
  4. Check to ensure that the you can instrument a automatically generated 'HelloWorld' application.
  5. Then install the rest of DevPartner 6.5(or above)
Old KB# 11083
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