Tests fail under NUnit after installing DevPartner/BoundsChecker (7.0 and 7.1)



After installing DevPartner, NUnit fails with saying a config class has an error. The error occurs regardless of whether the DPS tools are used.


DPS 7.0 and 7.1 install the Framework 1.0 sp1 redistributable in order to run some GUI components. This can cause NUnit to attempt to access components of the 1.0 framework, even if the application you are testing targets the 1.1 Framework version, since Nunit2 is built with version 1.0 also.

The solution is to swap the

two <SUPPORTEDRUNTIME>lines in nant.exe.config file, so that v1.1.4322 (1.1 RTM)

is before v1.0.3705: (1.0 sp1 RTM). You would need to make the same changes to NUnit-console.exe and nunit-gui.exe as well if you are using them.

Old KB# 11265
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