A required .DLL file, CALWIN32.DLL, was not found



I am running the client server version of TrackRecord.  I am using the Novell NetWare version of the FairCom server.  After installing the TrackRecord client, I tried to run it and go the error "A required .DLL file, CALWIN32.DLL, was not found"


CALWIN32.DLL indicates that you are using the Microsoft client to attach to your network.  The Microsoft client does not support pure SPX, which the client server version of TrackRecord uses to communicate with the server.

To resolve this, have your network administrator install the Novell Client 32 onto your workstation.  This will allow the TrackRecord client attach to the FairCom server.

The Novell Client can be downloaded from the Novell Support site at:  http://support.novell.com

NOTE: TrackRecord 4.x and below is no longer supported.

For more information on upgrading to the client/server version of TrackRecord, please contact Compuware sales at:  800-468-6342 or 603-578-8400 or via email at:  Nashua.Sales@Compuware.com

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