Symbol Loader reports obsolete PDB format, during translation



The Symbol Loader utility reports "Error: PDB file  uses obsolete format


This means that the PDB file format being translated, and the PDB Interface that the Loader is using do not match. This usually happens when a user has more than one Microsoft compiler installed on their machine. For example, if a PDB is built with VC version 5.0, but Loader32 sees the MSPDB42.dll in the path, this message will appear.

Search for  mspdb*.dll.  Make sure that the path for each of the PDB DLLs that you find is in your system's path.  SoftICE needs these DLL's to extract information from your app's PDB file.  The easiest way to ensure this is to copy every PDB file into your \WINDOWS\SYSTEM or \WINNT\SYSTEM32 directory.

Old KB# 11759
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