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Why am I am getting a license error description: Invalid returned data from license server (-12,122)?


There are a number of reasons why you may be receiving an error message stating "Invalid returned data from license server (-12,122)."  Here are a few most likely reasons.  If you still are experiencing problems after attempting the suggestions below, please notify technical support at

1.  This situation can occur when disruptions corrupt the License Manager process.  In this case, shutting down the license manager and then restart.  When you shut down the license manager via the control panel - settings - services you will also want to confirm it has actually been shutdown by going to the Task Manager- selecting the Process tab and seeing if the file lmgrd.exe is listed.  If it is, then highlight and select "end process.  You will be able then to restart the license server from the control panel - settings - services.

2. This error can also occur if the  DNS is not enabled on the server, or the DNS name is incorrect.  If this is the case, enable the DNS and/or make certain that the name of the server listed in the license.dat file matches the name of the server as listed in the TCP/IP settings.  If DNS is not available, set the environment variable LM_LICENSE_FILE to: 7166@[IP address of server] or [server name].

3. The server name as listed on the Identification tab (Netbios name) and on the TCP Properties tab (hostname) differ.  In this case synchronize the names (preferably changing the Netbios name to match the hostname)

4.  Lastly, the server name for LM_LICENSE_FILE on client is incorrect.  If this is the case make sure you have the correct server name and restart the license manager

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