Excluding files from a TrueTime session



I am encountering an error when I try to run my application that does not occur without instrumentation


The following process will narrow down the problem to the particular images that are causing the problem.

1. Exclude all system images.

If you have a session file generated by the failed run, you will have a list of the system images that are being loaded. To exclude them, go to standalone TrueTime => Program => Exclude Images. Choose Global Exclusions in the 'Show' dropdown list and then browse to each to select it. If TrueTime works at this point, you can figure out which of the excluded images is the problem by gradually adding them back. Usually, excluding one system dll will allow you to get profiling information.

2. If running with instrumentation still fails, exclude any 3rd party images in a similar manner.

3. If TrueTime still fails, exclude your own images, one at a time, beginning with the one(s) that you think are most likely to have caused the problem. If the component was built in either VB or C , in order to exclude them, you must not only include them in the exclusions list as in step 1 but also remove the instrumentation. To remove instrumentation in C , clean and then rebuild the component. In VB, rebuild by choosing File => Make in the VB IDE.

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