DPJ did not use the path specified by the dpj -setlicense command



Why doesn't DevPartner Java on unix/linux attempt to check out a license from where I specified using the dpj -setlicense command?


There are multiple locations from which DPJ will search in the attempt to check out a license file: the path indicated in a file called LM_LICENSE_FILE, located in the <DPJ HOME>/var/conf/ directory, as well as a hidden file called .flexlmrc in the root directory of the user that is logged on.

When ncsp is started, or restarted, the ncsp process will set a local variable with the contents of the .flexlmrc file appended by the contents of LM_LICENSE_FILE and use this information to search for a valid license, similar to searching a path statement for a valid executable. Ncsp may also check for the presence of a license file on the DPJ Home Directory or Flexlm home directory prior to searching. If ncsp has successfully obtains a license from a path not in the .flexlmrc file, ncsp will append that file with the new license path.

If ncsp is attempting to check out a license file from the wrong source, first ensure that no older license file is located in the DPJ and Flexlm home directories.

Next, ensure that the LM_LICENSE_FILE contains the correct value(s). There may only be one value. In the event that there are two values, the first value will be the absolute patch to any license file stored on the platform. The second value should be the path to the license server (i.e. 7166@licenseserverhostid). A colon delimiter will separate the two values. In the event that DPJ and the license server are installed on the same platform, there should only be one value, which would be '7166@hostid'.

Finally, delete the .flexlmrc file containing the obsolete pathing information from the users home directory. The ncsp process will recreate the .flexlmrc file when it successfully obtains a license from the LM_LICENSE_FILE file created and updated using the dpj -setlicense command. The .flexlmrc file will be located in the home directory of the user that starts nscp, which may be '/' or '/root' for root users or /home for non-root users. Multiple .flexlmrc files may be present on the platform, if multiple users launch ncsp.

Note: Users who start ncsp while su'd to root will create this file in their home directory.
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