DevPartner Studio Enterprise Edition 7.x (DPSEE) Order of Installation



What are the multiple steps to install the entire DPSEE suite of products. This article goes through all of these steps for a DPSEE 7.x concurrent user install?


Installing the License Manager:

First, you will need to have your license.dat file from license management to install the License Manager, save it to a permanent location on the server. Next insert disc 1 on the server, click on explore this CD at the bottom of the splash screen. Once you are in the explorer open the LicMgr folder then double click setup.exe this will start the install of the license manager. It will bring up the LAU and have you point to the license.dat and it will install the license manager (note that just installing the LAU from the splash screen is not the same). Once this is installed shut down and restart your system.

Installing the Enterprise Tool's server installs:

TrackRecord, Reconcile, TestPartner all have server installations that need to be installed on the server machine. After you have completed the license manager installs use disk 1 to install the server portion of TrackRecord, TestParnter, and Reconcile. Once this is installed shut down and restart your system again.

Installing the Enterprise and DPS tools client installs:

Next insert disc 1 on the client machine and install the client portions of TrackRecord, TestPartner, and Reconcile from disk 1 and then install the DevPartner tools from Disk 2.

(Note: When the LAU comes up on the client make sure to select add a server and then type in 7166@hostname of server. This will point the client machine to the server.

Remote Agent:

Disk 3 contains Remote Agent, this tool is meant to be installed on remote machine that you wish to collect data from.

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