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My log file is huge. Is there someting that can be done about it's size?


Engineering is aware of this issue and will try to address this in future versions.  In the meantime, if you are concerned about chewing up large amounts of disk space, there are a few ways to deal with a large log file:

1. There has been good success in storing log files to NT/W2K/XP "compressed" folders.  Not "zipped" folders but folders that have the "compress contents" attribute set. When files are compressed in this way they are typically reduced in size by more the 50%.  For example, put a 40MB file in a compressed XP folder and the resulting size on disk was 10MB.  Additionally, there appears to be little overhead in opening the compressed file.

2. If there is a DARA license, the session could be recorded from a separate machine with more disk space.

3. DA uses the TEMP or TMP environment variables to generate a temp log so the variable can be changed to a different drive with more space.  DA's temporary files will be created in the directory specified by the TMP or TEMP environment variable (TMP having priority over TEMP if both are specified).  If neither TMP nor TEMP is specified, then DA's temporary files will be created in the Windows directory.

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