BoundsChecker Error: Owner is Free Block



Program is accessing a block of memory that has not been allocated to any program.


Probable Causes:

- A stack overflow has occurred. To check this, select O for

Options and A for Assembler. If the value in the SP register is

is low (i.e. 0002) or very high ( i.e. Fxxx ), then the cause is

a stack wrap-around. This is a common problem with Borland-

compiled programs because their default options do not include

stack-overflow checking. NOTE: many third-party libraries do not

contain stack-checking code, so you may get stack overflow even

when stack-checking is included in your compile options.

- You have two pointers pointing to the same block of memory and

you have freed one but are still trying to use the other. Since

you already freed the block, it no longer belongs to your


- You are using an uninitialized pointer, which contains an

address that is outside your program space.

Recommended Action: In the case of stack overflow, increase your

stack size. Otherwise, verify that all pointers used within the

source line have been initialized and are not pointing to freed


Old KB# 11288
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