Database Not Found error - NLM client/server version



After completing the TrackRecord client server setup, I load the CTSRVR.NLM on my system and try to access my database.  When I do, I get an error message telling me that the database cannot be found.  I checked my TR.INI file and the "databaseDir=" variable is the correct path to the database, from the perspective of the server.


On a NetWare server, the name of the FairCom server file is:  CTSRVR.NLM.

When the TrackRecord client server setup is complete, from the directory you installed FairCom to, you must manually copy CTSRVR.NLM to the system directory and CTSRVR.CFG to the root directory of the SYS volume.

The CTSRVR.CFG file should only contain the following two lines:


  PAGE_SIZE 4096

Once you copy these files to the appropriate directories, since the server was already started once and not configured properly, you must delete all files ending in .FCS files from the \FAIRCOM directory.  Once these files are deleted, you will be able to load CTSRVR.NLM and have the clients access the database.

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