Write to Location 0000:0001 ( or 0000:xxxx )



Description:  Location 0000:0001 is an address within the interrupt vector table. These addresses are all word values, so any odd-numbered address (which is a byte within the word) indicates an error. When BOUNDS-CHECKER traps a free, it places the address 0000:0001 into the pointer.  If that pointer is used again, then the message above will be displayed.  If the referenced address is 0000:0001, probably this is a freed pointer being used again. If it is some other address beginning with 0000:, your program is addressing the interrupt vector area, and you should check whether that is legitimate for the source being displayed.


Probable Cause:

- You are trying to use a pointer that has been freed.

- You are trying to use a pointer that is uninitialized.

Recommended Action:  Check the pointer to determine whether it has been freed.  If the pointer has not been freed, then verify whether it has been initialized. An uninitialized pointer will contain 0000:0000.

Old KB# 12310
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