Installing on UNIX without a web browser installed on the server



When installing DPJ 3.0 on a UNIX server, it prompts for an install of Netscape 7. This system is a dedicated server and we do not wish to have Netscape installed, only DevPartner Java 3.0.  The installer will not let me bypass this.


The best workaround for this is to create a 'dummy file' in your home directory and use that as the installer only looks for the existence of the 'netscape' file:

1. go to a shell prompt on the UNIX system :

2. go to your home directory:

3. Create a file called 'netscape' using the touch command ie touch netscape

4. Use that file to complete the installation. In the installer , browser to that file and click the continue button and the installation will complete

Old KB# 11313
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