Information that would help tech support diagnose my problem



I am having problems with integration with Visual Studio IDE 2003/2005. Is there any information I can send that would help tech support diagnose my problem?


This article applies to version 8.0 and newer of DevPartner Studio Professional Edition and DevPartner for Visual C BoundsChecker Suite.

When you installed DevPartner Studio 8.0, a component called System Comparison should have been installed. You will find it by navigating through the menus Start > Programs > Compuware DevPartner > utilities. It will take a snapshot of your system for us. It is a very easy tool to use.

Before taking the snapshot add the two attached files in C:\Program Files\Compuware\DevPartner Studio\Comparison Tool\data. If already there just replace them.

This captures your current Compuware and Visual Studio registry and file system entries.

Send the snapshot to us for comparison to others.

With the release of 8.0 we have added a feature that generates that installer log automatically. This log helps us diagnose errors that are of a general nature like 1720 and 1722.

Please search for the file dps_install.log. It should show up under your temp directory with a path similar to C:\Documents and Settings\.....\Local Settings\Temp\Compuware dps_install.log.

If there are several look for the one with the most relevant time stamp. Send it along for us to read.

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