Processor Requirements for TrueTime



Does TrueTime support any type of processors that are not Intel based, such as a Cyrix or AMD chips?


Not necessarily.  The Intel Pentium and later processors have model specific registers.  There is no guarantee that non-Intel chips have this feature on their chips.  Since TrueTime's Quantum technology is dependent on this technology, there is no guarantee that TrueTime will work on these non-Intel chips.  If you compile and link the following program using a microsoft C/C compiler, it will test whether the processor has support for this instruction.  If you receive the message "MSR  Supported.  TrueTime will run", then the chip has the feature we need.

#include <stdio.h>

void main()


    char *moo = 0;



       __asm _emit 0x0F __asm _emit 0x31;

       printf("MSR Supported.  TrueTime will run ");




        printf("MSR Not Supported.  TrueTime will not run ");




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