How to get list of all products in a database

I want to get a list of all products in the database using C/C API DTK. Is it possible ?


  • Hello,

    You can use PcmsQuery for the object type PCMS_PRODUCT to obtain UIDs of all products. Then get details per each UID via PcmsInitUid. For instance:

    // "conId" is obtained via connecting somewhere above PcmsObjStruct obj = { 0 }; obj.objType = PCMS_PRODUCT; int noUids = 0; int *uids = NULL; if (PcmsQuery(conId, &obj, 0, &noUids, &uids) == PCMS_OK && noUids) { for (int i = 0; i < noUids) { if (PcmsInitUid(conId, *uids, PCMS_PRODUCT, &obj) != PCMS_OK) continue; // use "obj" to get details of Product } }



  • Hi Alex,

    Thank you for your answer.

    Which parameter that i can use to get PRODUCT_NAME please ?

    Is it obj.objId ?


  • That's correct - obj.objId will be a universal member for object ID (Name) in any type of read object. Though for products that value also matches obj.productId.

    BTW - there is a bug in my earlier example: "PcmsInitUid(conId, *uids,..." should be "PcmsInitUid(conId, uids[i],..." to properly iterate through UIDs

  • I try like you say.

    I get noUids = 373. but obj.productId always empty also for obj.objId.

    As below the code that i used :

    PcmsObjStruct obj = { 0 };
    obj.objType = PCMS_PRODUCT;
    int noUids = 0;
    int *uids = NULL;

    if (PcmsQuery(conId, &obj, 0, &noUids, &uids) == PCMS_OK && noUids)
         for (int i = 0; i < noUids; i )
                  if (PcmsInitUid(conId, uids[i], PCMS_PRODUCT, &obj) != PCMS_OK)
                  // use "obj" to get details of Product

  • I have a value just for obj.typeName ="PRODUCT" and empty for all rest parameter.

    Any idea to solve this problem please ?



  • Which version of Dimensions CM are you trying with?

    Can your current user has no privileges to access those Product(s)?

    Can the code be shared to see how API is used?

  • I use Dimensions CM 14.5.

    Sure, i have the access to those product(s) by client application. ( See the picture)

    You find as attached the full code.


  • OK. Let's sync on how we compile and execute that.

    VS2015 Update 3 is installed.
    I replace main() of "C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Dimensions 14.5\cm\pcms_api\examples\progs\FetchItems\fetchitems.c" with your main() code [adjusting connection details to my local server].
    I invoke from Windows | Start | "VS2015 x64 Native Tools Command Prompt". 
    In VS2015 command prompt: "cd C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Dimensions 14.5\cm\pcms_api\examples\"
    Then compile C file for x64 platform there:
           dm_make --no-cm ARCH=WIN64VC2015 PROG=FetchItems TYPE="prog" all

    This results in "C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Dimensions 14.5\cm\pcms_api\examples\WIN64VC2015\FetchItems\fetchitems.exe". Moving that to "C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Dimensions 14.5\CM\prog\"  and executing: Products IDs are listed as expected.

    If the same steps for you result in empty output at the end, please enable Dimensions CM Server SDP traces, execute the program and provide traces to Support case, so we research that further.

    I also tries with x86 compilation at client installation - still proper Product listing.

  • Hi Alex,

    All my libs files are in X86.

    When i turn execution to X64, i have error in my main program that all libs are in X86 and can't be executed to X64.



  • I think that the only difference between my configuration and your configuration that you use x64 plugins and i use x86 plugins.

    I use CVI/LABWINDOWS 2015 to develop interconnection between Dimension CM and C code.

    I try to import my main file with all dependency files like (lib and dll) in visual Studio 2019 but always i have empty result.

    Please help.