Deliver seems to be missing files when it does the comparison

When I try to deliver an update to a stream the system seems to miss files but afterwards when I do a difference it shows the missing files?

  • Hello. Can you please provide some more detail? What version of Dimensions CM are you running? Do you have any delivery filters setup? In the deliver wizard you can select the 'Advanced' button to see what options are selected. The exact options depends on the version of CM you are running but it is possible you are excluding certain file types. 

  • Version number: 14.3.1

    We are only delivering Ada files so file type has no apparent effect.

    See attached picture for settings.

  • Hello,

    Is the behavior the same if you clean "Exclude" filter field?


  • That would include build files which we doo not want to do.

    The other problem is that it seems to be random as to whether files are missed or not.  For example on one deliver activity all the Ada source files might be identified and configured.  However, on a second time (with different) files some files may be missed.  When files are missed, performing a difference will identify the files that where missed during the update.

  • Hello,

    It's not something I experienced before. I think it's worth contacting Micro Focus Support, so additional logging may be enabled to help spotting some anomalies in the scanning of changes for Deliver.

    Is it possible that during the build process Dimensions metadata folders (".dm" or ".metadata") are copied around? This can potentially cause some confusions for Dimensions Client when it faces duplication of metadata in various folders.

    One other suggestion - please consider upgrading to the latest version, where Deliver implementation was completely remade. There is also dmIgnore support added, which allows to define files with wildcards which should be not added to repository. That's more flexible and handy comparing to exclude filters. dmIgnore files can be shared with all users after committing ".dmIgnore" into repository.