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Add links to Dimensions CM items and requests

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Emails currently can include links to Dimensions CM items and requests, but if I want to have a colleague look at a specific item or request record, I do not have a way of copying a link and sending it to them unless I happened to have an email in my inbox for that item or request sent from dimensions.

The Micro Focus Dimensions RM product has this record link feature implemented already.
In Dimensions RM, each record has a link I can copy and send to someone.
Whoever opens that link still needs to have permissions to see the item, so it is not as if this feature request would open a back-door for unauthorized access.

If we want to make Dimensions CM easier for folks to use, I believe having the Dimensions CM product include links to items and requests available to copy when opening them should be implemented.

Micro Focus can decide if the links are to be stored in a database table or generated on-the-fly, based on a pre-determined naming-convention/algorithm.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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