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Browse template and report view for "Changes" related to a request.

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9 months ago

We are running 14.5.1

There are three ways to get file changes into a repository:
(1) Update from a repository, then deliver back into it,
(2) Use a regular merge via a work area,
(3) Use a merge from a topic stream with a Pull Request.

Only in Update/Modify/Deliver are files related to a request and show in the Items tab. In both the "regular" merge via a work area and merging from a topic stream using a Pull Request, no files show up in the Items tab. In all three, file changes are shown under the Changes tab. It appears Dimensions will be abandoning related items altogether and instead use "changes". Reports are broken because related changes can't be displayed. Browsed requests can no longer show what files were affected with the changes. There is no browse template variable nor report view for "changes", though there is for related items. This needs to be fixed.