Idea ID: 2773789

Native Windows 10 DoD CAC support

Status : Delivered
over 1 year ago

Please implement DoD CAC, smart card reading software support for Windows 10
so that the Windows 10 default smart card reading software can be used instead of ActivClient.

Without ActivClient, users have been known to get dozens of CAC pin-prompt spam windows appear
while using the dimensions website.
Further The CM Desktop Client and CM Web Client Tools have shown to also not work without
ActivClient being installed.

Another problem with the lack of Windows 10 native CAC support is when ActivClient installations
among different users vary.

My customers ask why other DoD sites work without ActivClient and ours(Dimensions CM-hosted products) do not.

It be possible that the SBM product will have to be involved in some kind of way for this enhancement, with SBM Single Sign on (with CAC).