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need a graphical representation of the time remaining when time is too long to complete a process

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6 months ago

People in our company need to put in DIMENSIONS more and more big Items (more than 1Gb). For that, they use the windows client.

So, the time needed to complete the process is more and more long. Until the completion, the windows client is locked, and all the users  have is a 'clock'. So they do not have any notion of time before to complete.

Should it be possible in the future to have a cursor or a graphical representation of the remaining time before completion for example ? Thanks



  • I agree. May be showing a percentage of the file uploaded is the best idea, The problem is that the dimensions windows client is freezed during the upload. When the upload is short, ok, the client is free rapidly. but if the upload takes a very long time, the client is freezed, and the user don't know how many time the update will take.and above all,he don't know if the unload is in progress or if there is any problem with the dimensions client. So, to tell him, 'ok, I'm loading, don't worry,', to display a percentage of the Item loaded is a good idée. 

    Othewise, at the end, he cancels the client and try to load again........ and it 's worse than better

  • May be show a percentage of the file uploaded is the best idea, a lot of user use deliver function but cannot know how many time need to wait it...

  • Perhaps a progress indicator that shows the total number of MB/KB uploaded so far might function as a better measurement of whether or not a file transfer operation has frozen/hung as opposed to a timer. Or, a percentage of the file uploaded? I think the download interface shows a percentage indicator of download progress.

    Of course, a remaining estimated time(as this ticket seems to ask for) could be estimated based on calculations of the average speed of the upload.
    Would be nice to have both, actually.

    I know my customers sometimes upload giant sets of developer code or documentation.
    Looking at an unchanging progress bar can be a bit nerve wracking if a user is trying to meet a certain timeline.
    There are sometimes network issues that can come up, so knowing if a file upload is frozen via the progress indicator stopping its updates would be nice.

  • Hello,

    Thanks for your idea.

    Can you please give examples of which time consuming operations you mean?