Can you tell me when the last release or update to Prototype Composer was?

I'm interested in purchasing PC for my BA and UI team, but am concerned the the product appears to be dying. When was the last enhancement to the application completed? Thank you.
  • Hi Rose, We are licensed for PVCS Pro (which includes - or at least used to - Prototype Composer), but the last time I saw it included in a PVCS Pro release was back with the release of PVCS Pro 11 (it was labelled Prototype Composer 2010 R1), so how can I get access to the latest version of Prototype Composer.

    I had just assumed since I hadn't seen any updates since then, it wasn't being maintained.

  • Hi David,
    The Prototype Composer is a separate download from the Serena Support site. If you are unable to see it then we need to contact Support to find out why.

    I will inquire with our Support and get back with you.
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