Create different Story types when sending to backlog

Our configuration send items in the backlog to JIRA.


I have a request from my team members to send some requirement types from Atlas to JIRA as epics and some requirement types to JIRA as tasks.  Is this possible?  As I understand it the requirements create a story in Rhythm and that story is what is actually linked to a item in JIRA.  I was trying to think if there was a creative way to set up Connect to know what type the source requirement was and then create the JIRA items based on that type but I am not sure if that information flow through and can be used in Connect.  Is this possible? 


On scenarios requested from my team members was:

  • If the type is requirement in Atlas then create a task in JIRA 
  • If the type is user story in Atlas then create an epic in JIRA

A second scenario posed by my team members was (probably more complicated):

  • Create an epic in JIRA for a plan created in Atlas
  • Create tasks in JIRA for each requirement included in the Atlas plan and assign those tasks to the epic created from the plan