Number of Users

My management team would like insight to the number of users and frequency of use of the tool.


Are there any reports that can be pulled to provide details on the number of users logged in per day or maximum number of users logged in at a time?

Any reports that can provide information along the lines of number of new/or modified requirements per day?

  • Verified Answer

    We don't have any specific reports for Atlas, but Atlas sits on top of StarTeam and the StarTeam server has an "Analyze Server log" function that will give you an idea of how many users are logged in each day, and the max per day via a graph. You have the option of inputting manually the logs you want analyzed, or if you just want the current log to be analyzed.

    Again, as Atlas uses StarTeam sometimes we have some custom DB scripts we can run to find specific information on the StarTeam database, if you're looking for something like the number of new/modified requirements I'd recommend you log a support ticket to see if this is something we could accommodate.