Sending Atlas requirements to many backlog projects (e.g. JIRA)

Atlas help says that one a project can be set up so that requirements from one Atlas project can be sent to multiple projects (backlog) through use of a UDA.

For instance if we are using JIRA as our external issue tracker, is this accomplished by creating a drop down list UDA within Atlas that has values that will be used to identify the different options for backlog projects (i.e. JIRA projects) and then within Connect how is the mapping defined?  Is one Hub project mapped to multiple JIRA projects and how is the criteria set up to determine which backlog item goes to which project.


Are problems introduced if the UDA value on the requirement is changed after a story has already been sent to the backlog from that requirement? 

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    Hi Ellen.

    The UDA takes effect whenever a requirement is published/shared - i.e. whenever a story item is created based on the requirement. No effect before and after, otherwise.
    Thus, only changing the UDA value itself has no immediate effect - no matter if the req is already shared or not.

    The UDA will cause Atlas to create stories in the Hub project(s) that are named exactly the same (case-sensitive) as the selected UDA values.
    There is no direct relation to JIRA and the name of the JIRA projects (though, typically, Hub project names and JIRA project names are kept identical).

    The UDA acts exclusively within the scope of the HUB
    The link between Hub projects and JIRA project is solely under the control of Connect.
    The Connect config is typically the same for all involved projects - the multi-backlog UDA does not need any Connect "specialties"...

    You need HUB projects for all the JIRA projects you want to access.
    You need Connect configurations that sync these Hub Projects with the JIRA projects.
    Then create the values for the multi-select UDA.

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  • Thanks, that is helping to clarify on the use of Connect to send to JIRA.

    The help topic state"The Server Administrator creates a Delivery Projects user defined attribute". Is this just a "List - Multi Select" type UDA with the name "Delivery Projects"? Is there anything else special about the UDA besides the name? Is the name of the UDA how the hub knows that it is the UDA that should be used to identify the projects to send stories to the different Hub Projects?

    If the UDA has multiple values selected it will then create a story in each of the HUB projects selected?
  • Yes, exactly.
    Matching is only by name (and correct type - multi-select-list).
    It's actually Atlas itself that acts on the UDA, not the underlying Hub.

    And yes, if multiple values are selected then multiple stories are created - one in each selected project.
    The user needs access rights in the target projects.