Date field in email notification is offset by -10 hours

Hi,We are experiencing an issue where email notifications which contain date fields are incorrect and is usually offset by -10 hours. For example, user enters 10/28/2014 12:00:00 AM for "Est Date" but the email notification delivers it as: Est Date: 10/27/2014 02:00:00 PM. This has just recently started happening but I'm not able to figure it out. I've edited User Profile>Time Zone to (GMT - 10:00) Pacific/Honolulu but email still sends the date wrong. Any suggestions what could be wrong? Thanks in advance!

  • Hi J,You might check the system times set on the db and app server, and if you have a separate notification server, check the system time on that server to see if they are set to a different time.Regards,Bill

  • Also, when SBM stores a date in the db it stores it as UTC, so you may have to deal with that conversion via a script.

  • We are having this issue, too, but it is intermittent.

  • Bill - Thanks for the suggestions but I checked the time and it looks right. What is strange, it will intermittently send the correct inputted time but majority of the email notifications will have the -10 hrs offset date. Damon - please keep me posted if you are able to resolve your issue as it seems we have the same problem.Thanks!

  • J / Damon,You might want to try putting debug messages in the Javascript (one for the change of the field, and one for the submit callback) and also in an Appscript that would run from the Notification event and post the value of the field to the Application Event Viewer. That way you can trace the values through the life of the transaction and see where it is being offset.if it is intermittent, then it may be a SBM defect. I would approach Serena Support with a case and search the KB to see if it has been posted as a defect.Regards,Bill

  • Serena has this in their Defect list. We are at, so we are going to implement the workaround, at the bottom, tonight:ID:



    11 October 2012


    21 January 2014

    Defect Id


    Originally Reported Against


    Also Affects

    Development Manager 4.0Development Manager 4.0.1Release Manager 4.0Release Manager 4.0.1Requirements Manager 4.0.1Service Manager 4.0Service Manager 4.0.1

    Resolved In

    Release Manager 5.0SBM 10.1.3Service Manager 5.0


    The JVM timezone gets shifted to GMT by either SLA or SSF (part of
    common services since that is installed on the server running
    the Notification Server, but this is done after the DB driver
    initialization which causes the Notification Server to think it is
    getting times in GMT when it is actually not which can cause date/time
    issues in notification emails.


    For this to be fixed both SBM needs to be 10.1.3 and above plus SOO needs to be 5.0 or above.

    For earlier releases the following workaround may work.

    Workaround is as follows on the server running the Notification Server:

    1. stop jboss
    2. go to "../Serena/SBM/Common/jboss405/bin" folder
    3. open run.serena.conf.bat file
    4. add following line somewhere, preferably after USER_OPTIONS:
    set "JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -Duser.timezone=GMT"
    5. save run.serena.conf.bat
    6. set server (Windows) timezone to whatever you would like it to be
    7. start jboss

  • As a further wrinkle, this only seemed to happen when a date within the next two days was selected. If it was three days or more, it looked like the notifications were OK.Anyway, I applied the fix to our app server, and it seeems to have made a difference. Will continue to monitor next week.

  • Dates in notifications now all seem to match up with the value entered in the ticket.