Using SERENA Oracle database with Sharepoint

Hi,We are using SERENA Dimension with Oracle database as backend to store data. We have a request to generate management reports/KPI/Dashboards using the data stored in Oracle. In order to generate these, we are planning to use Sharepoint PerformancePoint feature. Sharepoint DO NOT have any connector to connect to Oracle Database.What's the best solution to access the data in Oracle.These are some of the thoughts so far.1) Create views in SQL Server connecting to Oracle tables as external source. Running the queries might be slow2) come up with SSIS scripts to import data from Oracle into SQL Server tables. I am interested to find out whether there are any out-of-the box solutions from SERENA to achieve this?Thanks,Siva

  • Which Dimensions product? Do you have a lot of experience with the product schema in native Oracle db?I don't think I understand the Sharepoint part. Are you really planning on using a workgroup information sharing program that doesn't have the necessary database drivers as the basis of a reporting tool? That sounds challenging. Good luck!Check with Serena sales rep on reporting options. See if the "Serena Dashboard" (a re-branded IBI WebFocus) is still available. The official Serena support site is at GetSatisfaction (this site) is a Serena sponsored and supported user community board.

  • PerformancePoint supports tabular data sources including SharePoint
    Lists, Excel Services, SQL Server tables and Excel workbooks; and
    multi-dimensional (Analysis Services) data sources So you are looking at a way to get data into a SQL server instance for the simplest solution it appears. At this point your two choices look to be the best choices. Depending on the data you are reporting on, as you know, this can be slow.Another option would be to have a scheduled process run that extracts data from oracle and places it within sql server. This would run faster than your suggested options, but depending on how often it runs, the data might be a bit stale.