dmcli command succeeded or failed ?

Hi all,

I am writing a program to automate some Dimensions tasks.

I am trying to make a text file with the commands I need, then my program will call a batch that calls dmcli and pass the file as a parameter to it ( dmcil .... -file filename.txt )

How can I know if each command in the file succeeded or failed ? (i.e. Is there a way to get the return value/ status of the execution of each command)

  • Hello

    there is the following option that may help.

    Error Handling with Multiple Commands

    You can optionally include the capability to stop processing a sequence of commands in a

    script by including a -stop parameter in the commands. When you include this

    parameter, the command-line interface will return an error and stop running if any of the

    commands in the sequence fails. For example, if a script includes three commands and

    the second command fails, then the script will stop running at the second command and

    the third command will not be processed.