Problems Creating a New Document from an Existing Template

I have created a Document, which will serve as a template for all future Documents of a certain type created by users. I am able to change this Document freely and without issue.

However, when I create a New Document and choose Create Options and select Chapters Only (so I get all of the Chapters I will need from the template), the newly created Document's Chapters do not display any edits I make to the text in the Chapter on-screen or when I Publish the Document. When I double click the Chapter to open it I do see my edits, but they are not displayed to me any other way.

Also, if I edit the text of a Chapter in my original Document template and then go through the process of copying it through New Document creation, the Chapter that I edit in the original does not get copied down into the newly created Document.

Has anyone else encountered these types of problems with copying from templates and / or is there a solution?

Thank you!