checksum in .metadata folder

Hi All, There is a '.metadata.' folder created [in the local machine directory] whenver you upload a file in dimensions.In the '.metadata.' folder, you have 'METADATA-ITEM FILE'.The file content looks like:version=8.5item-uid=5698419item-spec=474654535F50524A3A41343433322E412D5352433B31file-version=1checksum=d6c4ede18ee7cdeed46641d462c3315dfetch-size=137mtime=1404358850is-extracted=0is-headersubst=0moved-from=item-status=494E20444556454C4F504D454E54 Does anyone know what is the 'checksum', it's not matching with UNIX commands 'cksum' or 'sha1sum'.We are looking forward to compare files using this value.Please advise.