Add action description fails

If i choose "Add action description" in Dimensions I get "PCC0004566E error: the browse template is missing the substitution variables and ." Including the "�tion_text%, " in the template does not help. How do I setup this functionality?


  • When adding an action description while actioning a request it's required
    that the request template includes the variables:
    Request templates should be customizable in Administration Console.

  • Many thanks for the quick reply Alexander.

    In the template I have these variables.

    Action History

    Nr --> %ah_action_number%

    Date --> %ah_date%

    Status --> %ah_status%

    By --> %ah_user_name%

    So shall I add ALL the additional three above?



  • Can you please check PDF docs? I do not have them by hand. I am not really sure if those you use are acceptable there. Docs should have that info. I will check when I get to my laptop :)

  • Here is a quote from documentation:





    These three variables are used to define a subtemplate for

    action descriptions. The subtemplate is part of the

    overall request template and contains a list of all recorded

    action descriptions.

    This subtemplate starts with the variable �tion% and ends

    with the variable �tion_end%, both appearing on separate lines.

    Between these, the variable �tion_text% must appear

    on a separate line, to define where the text of the action

    description will appear.

    You can also use the column variables described to the right,

    as well as the other substitution variables described above

    (including user-defined variables) in the subtemplate.

    NOTE This subtemplate is required for add action

    description operations to be recorded in the database,

    regardless of whether you want the data to"