Various enhancement ideas (prototype composer)

First of all, I really enjoy working with Serena Prototype Composer (version 3.2.1). It is a great and powerfull too.

I have a few enhancement request, that make this product even beter:

1. Requirements, Priority

It would by nice to define a custome set of values for the 'priority' property of the requirements. This makes it possible to use the MosCow (Must Have, Should Have, Could Have) principle for prioritizing requirements.

A lot of values for other properties can be customized by using the 'Solutions lists' dialog, which makes it able to define sets of values for requirements types etc. Would be nice to ad the 'priority' property to this dialog.

2. Interface editor

It would be great if there where some buttons for easily alligning various controles. You can use the grid for alignment purposes, but this is rather teadious. Allignment features would turn the interface editor in an even more powerfull and modern editor.

3. Feedback

I used the 'Feedback' dialog in Serena to send you the above ideas. After clicking the 'submit' button one can not tell whether the feedback entered is really send to you or not. So, a message dialog of some kind stating that the feedback has been send (or a confirmation by eMail) would be nice.