Can I customize the "Add Item" under Defect Management?

In Agile Manager, under Defect Management, if I click Add Item, it will pop up an Add New Defect windows (see attachment, pls), and it has some information I need to fill. But the information there is not enough for our project testing, we need more for a new defect. For instance, defected in Release, Sprint, Environment (this is a customized column I defined myself for the project) and make them as required in the "Add New Defect" windows. So, How can I do that in Agile Manager?


  • Hi,

    The Add Item dialogs are not customized. However, customization is in our road map.
    Please note that when you can create a defect from Release Backlog for instance the defect is automatically assigned to release. In a similar matter, if you open in Sprint Backlog or Task Board the defect is created and assigned to the sprint and team backlog.

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