Splunk Custom Module

I am new in Splunk - as well as in Python and start working on Splunk Custom Module and I have taken references from Splunk Sitecustom Module When I have created the Same file structure using Visual Studio 2017 -> Python3 then it gives me an error

  • import controller. module not found
  • import Splunk not found
  • import Splunk. search not found
  • import Splunk. util is not found
  • import Splunk. entity not found
  • import JSON from Splunk. app server. my sparkle. lib is not found
  • import lib. util as util not found

Note: I have already imported Splunk SDK using "pip install Splunk-SDK" Still, I can't find any package in the project.

Please, anyone, guide me on how to resolve the above custom module package error.

If there are any readymade samples available then please suggest a link.

Thanks in advance