Custom Button works in Salesforce Sandbox but does not in Salesforce Production

I hope someone can help me figure this out. I connected my Docusign to my salesforce sandbox, created, the templates, created the custom button etc. With my custom button, I set the template and message and it sends the document right away. Everything was working in my salesforce sandbox but when I changed my connector to point to salesforce production, the button in production does not work. I compared the code with sandbox and it is exactly the same. In production, it still asks for the template even though I specified in my custom button what it is.

//********* Option Declarations (Do not modify )*********// 
var RC = '';
var RSL='';
var RSRO='';
var RROS='';
var CCRM='';
var CCTM='';
var CCNM='';
var CRCL=''; 
var CRL='';
var OCO='';
var DST='';
var LA='';
var CEM='';
var CES='';
var STB='';
var SSB='';
var SES='';
var SEM='';
var SRS='';
var SCS ='';
var RES=''; 

// Modify individual options here: 

// DocuSign Template ID (default no template) 
DST = '9FD26FA6-1007-4134-85D5-0073BA8F2613'; 
SSB = '0';

//********* Page Callout (Do not modify) *********// 
window.location.href = "/apex/dsfs__DocuSign_CreateEnvelope?DSEID=0&SourceID={!Lead.Id}&RC="+RC+ "&RSL="+RSL+"&RSRO="+RSRO+"&RROS="+RROS+"&CCRM="+CCRM+"&CCTM="+CCTM+"&CRCL="+CRC‌​L+"&CRL="+CRL+"&OCO="+OCO+"&DST="+DST+"&CCNM="+CCNM+"&LA="+LA+"&CEM="+CEM+"&CES="‌​+CES+"&SRS="+SRS+"&STB="+STB+"&SSB="+SSB+"&SES="+SES+"&SEM="+SEM+"&SRS="+SRS+"&SC‌​S="+SCS+"&RES="+RES;