Validation a link opens a pdf

I have a link on a webpage that opens a pdf file in a browser(Firefox). Is there a way to validate that the link has opened the PDF file?

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    Let me try to explain what the other users meant with a simple flow:

    1. For this approach configure your test environment that PDF are opened in a new Adobe Reader.window. (There are other options; PDF could also be opened in a new browser window - then you'll need to modify the following.)

    2. Let UFT close any open Adobe Reader instance.

    3. Let UFT click on the link: just record the click on a link and - if necessary - modify the code so it clicks on the right link.

    4. A new Adobe Reader is opened; create a Checkpoint to verify the application is started. This should be sufficient to validate there is a PDF.

    5. If you also need to validate that the PDF is really opened successfully in Adobe Reader (because PDF files could be broken) then I'd add a checkpoint on the number of pages of the PDF:

    Hope this helps?



  • So I have code that selects link and opens the pdf file in a Firefox window(tab). This is a link to a pdf that is online. When i try to create a checkpoint of any kind I get nothing or error says that not supported. Any ideas ? 

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