StdWin:UiObject - ClickArgs with custom position

Hello all,

I am trying to click on an object with my custom positions which I am arriving based on width and height. But, I don't see any methods to utilize like this. I tried like ClickArgs(MouseButton.LEFT, new Location(Position.TOP_RIGHT, new Point(
(int) lookup.getSize().getWidth() - 2, (int) lookup.getSize().getHeight() / 2
)))); ClickArgs(MouseButton.LEFT, new Location(Position.TOP_RIGHT)));

Nothing helpful here... I just wondering why we don't have a simple method which would take x and y positions like we used to for years like; - 2, lookup.getSize().getHeight() / 2); 

or with ClickArgs

Anyone has any experinece with ClickArgs of UFT Developer or how I can just pass my custom positions. Appreciate any help.