Issue connecting to Autopass license server using HP.UFT.LicenseInstall (i.e. command line); Wizard works

We've been running an Autopass license server (v11.5) on Windows Server 2012 R2 for a couple of years. We use it to checkout concurrent licenses for LeanFT v14.53 on our (now) Windows 10 20H2 desktops. We've always had an issue with the initial license setup using the Functional Testing License Wizard where the initial connection attempt to Autopass fails with the message "Cannot connect to license server. Check your network connection or license server version compatibility." but if you click the Connect button a second or third time it will successfully connect.

Presently, we're investigating the use of Windows docker containers to run test automation with LeanFT. Using Windows server core 20H2 as our base image, I have LeanFT 14.53 installed and am trying to use HP.UFT.LicenseInstall to set up licensing. In the Docker container CLI I'm using the command "HP.UFT.LicenseInstall licenses licenseServerHost:portNumber" (using our actual host and port number), but it keeps returning the same error that we initially get in the Wizard: "Cannot connect to license server. Check your network connection or license server version compatibility."

I've also tried running the command on my Windows 10 desktop and get the same error message.

If I switch over to powershell in either the Docker container or on my desktop and test the connection to Autopass, it appears to pass:

PS C:\> test-netconnection licenseServerHost -port port#
ComputerName : licenseServerHost
RemoteAddress : licenseServerAddress
RemotePort : port#
InterfaceAlias : Ethernet
SourceAddress : myIPaddress
TcpTestSucceeded : True

I can also successfully ping the Autopass server using the hostname from within the container and from my desktop.

I've had a look at the Autopass log file but don't see anything relevant in there. I've also looked at the LeanFT/Logs/LicenseWrapper.log file and there's nothing helpful in there either.

Just looking for ideas on how to get more info on this error. Are there any other log files I could be looking at?