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“MultiPoint service” to allow one User account to be logged on to multiple sessions

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8 months ago
We were able to observe that it is not possible to have a single user access UFT Developer working in a multi-session environment by accessing separate instance of the UFT Developer engine runs in each session.

The reason for the situation is that; to run a separate instance of the UFT Developer engine in each session, you must configure unique port numbers for each session. And to configure a unique port we need a unique %localappdata%\LeanFT\config\config.json file, which is in turn unique to each User account logon.

However it is possible to make an Enhancement Request for the inclusion of a “MultiPoint service” to allow one User account to be logged on to multiple sessions simultaneously in LeanFT (UFT Developer). Refer to that of Microsoft:

SPARKS:SD02772750 There are a lot of options and none of 'em sounds like LeanFT or UT



  • Customer use case to be implemented: 

    • the ability to run multiple LeanFT server instances from under the one Windows account;
    • servers are launched in different sessions of the same account.
  • Hi!

    Customer case SPARKS:SD02772750 was about running several UFT instances under the same Windows account and session. Otherwise Customer needs additional MS Windows Terminal services licenses to run UFT tests on they Windows environment. This is additional cost they should pay to support UFT environment up and running. This is a root cause of the problem. They need to decrease testing infrastructure costs running on UFT. Microsoft provide 3 free licenses for RDP sessions, multisessions needs MS Terminals Services.

  • Hi - thanks for your comment. I have a couple of questions:

    • This request is for the execution engine, correct? (ie. to run multiple tests in parallel on the same machine under the same user)
    • Would there be a difference to your expectations if we considered supporting multiple user sessions on the same machine, instead of multiple sessions under the same user?