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UFT One to support Javascript modal dialogs and certificate selection

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3 months ago

This proposal is related to UFT One, as there is no "Idea Exchange" for UFT One (another proposal, UFT One should have its own "Idea Exchange").

We have already reported opening a ticket (SD02865779) and the answer was to open this idea under UFTDeveloper .

Currently UFT One does not support Javascript modal dialogs as stated in known issues. When this Javascript dialogs appear UFT freezes for unless 1 minute. Then you can handle by different ways, although some of those ways don't work properly in all last versions.

We have a similar problem with certificate selection window appears, and we would like it could be supported in future versions.

We have done a deep investigation on this topic testing different UFT versions, and the 3 different ways to handle these modal dialogs and also certificate popups. You can see this comparison table with our outcome.

UFT comparison Dialog support.png

We have a UFT script using Handle Dialog that worked OK with UFT 14.00 and 14.50, but it doesn't work with 15.x versions. The Insight Object workaround is not very reliable in version 15.0.2 as it took the wrong things for granted.

Other already similar reported issues under Discussions:

Certificate selection:

 Please have a look on this idea and vote for it! 

Many thanks in advance



  • Dear pruebas,

    thanks for the good overview. I will support the demand for an ER for the actual imitations.

    Regarding the 15.02 column and insight objects, i can confirm the the insight object workaround is working with UFT 15.02 and a hotfix/config change (s. the link below).


    For my point of view UFT has a general limitation regarding modal popups: when a modal popup is displayed which is not spawned by the AUT UFT halts forever. Example:

    We try to open a xls file, which does not exist:
    set objExcel = createobject("excel.application")
    'Creating the Workbooks object
    set objWB = ("\\some_server\users\Folder_does_not_exsit\myxls_file.xlsx")
    When UFT executes the command, UFT never returns and waits for dismissing the popup window.

    This behavior is very odd , because if you are running your test with a CI/CD Chain or ALM Labservice the hole host is blocked and needs manual intervention. UFT should be ran into a timeout to be able to proceed with the next test.