HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily



i am getting this error  HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily in snapshot for more please see the attachment

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    This post, from you, is in my opinion not the way how you communicate to this community or any other community.

    We have to guess what you wan't, and as a software tester we do not guess.


    Please communicate clearly what are you doing, what do you wan't from the community.

    Tell also what you did your self, and so on...


    If you do that, you get response from other people, or even from me, who are willing to help you.



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  • Hi


    i am getting this error when i am trying to pass the Seat Random value . if didnt pass the Seat random values i am not getting the error(if i pass the seat random value Not Able to Find value in Server Response but if i didnt pass the random value at that time  i am finding the values in server response )


        //<li class="seat available" id="O1-12"><a href="javascript&colon;seat_select('O48','','seat','O1-12','2000','t1/3ZARx/lgegraCmGyvvjAjRJeu9R3dV6ffMGpNRObf9fovPoC5EwveCrzD3yAxuY/bflEZW4Bep4F6WOGlc9dK1bghUKcCTouIM503M2oXW2tzdgxV1MyOZB3PdEdq','241','249285663','0','0');" id="O1-12ZZ" class="tooltip" title="Seat: 48 | Fare: 2000" ></a></li>
         web_reg_save_param("Seat","LB=title=\"Seat:","RB=| Fare: 2000\" >","ORD=ALL",LAST);
        lr_output_message("The Selected Seat is ::: %s",lr_eval_string("{Seat1}"));


    Error -35049: No match found for the requested parameter "Payment_Method". Check whether the requested regular expression exists in the response data      [MsgId: MERR-35049]


        // <li class="first-child"><a href="#a" onClick="javascript&colon;fnpaymode(1);" class="sel">Credit Cards</a></li>
        // <li><a href="#b" onClick="javascript&colon;fnpaymode(2);">Debit Cards</a></li>
            "RegExp=fnpaymode[(][0-9] [)];\"[ class=\"sel\"]*>([a-zA-Z ] )</a>", //RegExp=fnpaymode[(][0-9] [)];\"[ class=\"sel\"]*>([a-zA-Z ] )</a>",

  • You are not doing the correlation in a right way. Hence you are getting that error. Please check the server response and correlate accordingly.